This is a Mission to Provide Fire Victims with Emergency Shelter and Recovery

The Camp Fire Emergency Shelter and Recovery Project provides on site emergency construction of yurt shelters. Made with lumber materials saw milled from salvaged trees at or nearby area impacted by the Camp Fire.

The final product, a tangible, easily portable yurt shelter owned by fire victims that participate in building their temporary home. The Camp Fire Emergency Shelter and Recovery Project will provide a hands-on experience. Instilling a vision leading towards a means to an end of the traumatic effects of the Camp Fire.

How do I get started? First fill out this Request Form. Then register for the yurt workshop. We will send out an email before each workshop detailing the current projects for the week.

This web site is a work in progress. Please join us, make a comment, participate and be part of this team effort. All contributions are welcomed and will be incorporated into building this web site and the entire Camp Fire Yurt Project

The photos in the video slideshow below are from the first three weeks of December 2018.

Mission Scenario

Yurts provide a method of fast construction and easily portable emergency shelters. Those in need can participate throughout the yurt building process. Many simple tasks can be performed by individuals, family’s and groups. A minimal level of instruction is needed for non-complicated assembly process. Skilled carpenters can help build the more complicated components, teaching and coordinating the participants / volunteers in simple tasks.

On Site Lumber Milling

Using a portable sawmill I can mill logs from the affected area and build temporary portable emergency shelter. I can teach and oversee the assembly of yurts on site in a timely manner.

With a well organized teem of volunteers and yurt recipients a typical day would go something like this; starting in the morning making lumber, processing parts and assembling wall sections, hubs and rafters. By the end of the day numerous 16- and 20-foot diameter yurts can be ready to deliver and occupy. The wall and rafter material can be milled and assembled right away. The hub and door need dry wood to build. Canvas can be sized and fitted on site.

Long Term Sustainability

I will teach anyone interested the skills needed to replicate the process with or without store bought materials. 

60 thousand board feet of lumber from this project.

Scope of Mission for Emergency Shelter and Recovery

Phase One: Completed in December 2018!

Phase one is just a first step towards a larger scale effort to help provide emergency shelter for The displaced.

We are working with local Charity groups that are seeking an initial recipient family with access to a stable location (or not) to deliver the first yurt. I will Donate a 16 foot yurt and a new Natures Head self contained composting toilet  with delivery and set-up. I will have one yurt ready to deliver and set-up December 3rd. 

Phase Two:

There are two methods of implementing phase two. The methods below can be done one at a time, or more importantly they can both be implemented at same time.

Step one of Phase 2 – Completed first half of 2019!

One is to purchase all raw materials and start assembling where the emergency shelter refuges are located now. This is the first step to provide portable emergency shelter from winter immediately.

Example; All materials can be store bought and delivered on location.  A complete 16 foot yurt about $500. in materials. Self contained composting toilet $900. brand new. It can be set up on the ground. One day project with small work crew to build and set up.  Floor materials run about $800. and take about 12 work hours (two people 6 hours). With the purchase of all materials and a team of volunteers we could shelter many family’s in a short period of time.

2. In Progress and continuing for years to come.

The best case scenario is to be able to set up a sawmill site stocked with suitable logs. We can mill lumber, build and assemble yurts and camp in yurts all at the same location. Or near the fire victim shelter areas as appropriate for milling and assembly.

Timing, size and length of the emergency shelter and recovery project will be dictated by many contributing factors. Available resources, volunteers, mill-site, logs and financial support are critical. Most importantly how many people need and can use this type of help.

living in yurt
Comfortable yurt with wood burning stove.

Growing the Emergency Shelter and Recovery Project

There is great potential to help the displaced Camp Fire victims. Donations and volunteers are needed, and with your help we can make a difference.

Yurts used as temporary portable emergency shelters can provide a timely solution for the upcoming winter. The end goal is the restoration of independence and dignity for those affected by the Camp Fire. Some may end up in a yurt for many years, using this opportunity as a stepping stone towards rebuilding and recovery from the Camp Fire.

Please visit our Mission Updates page for recent posts and the Yurt Workshop calendar for events scheduled in Paradise, Migalia, Concow and Chico.

Genghis Khan’s army traveled the world in yurts!

Genghis Khan and Yurts
Gengas Kahn and Yurts

Who are We?

I have been building yurts over 20 years for many family’s who live in them year round. All videos and photos are yurts I have built (except Genghis Khan’s).

This Emergency shelter and recovery project has been working with the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) Sonora Chapter #391 who is working with the local VVA at he Camp Fire location. We have established ties with locally affected area churches that help coordinate this project.

If you need emergency shelter or would like to be part of this team effort please submit this Request form.

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Thank you for your consideration.

Ron Trout

Yurt Builder. Project Coordinator