Thank you everyone for your patience. It was another busy week. We were able to get one floor built and a yurt on it. This came with many smiling faces when accomplished. The second yurt and floor materials were delivered to the floor site, however there are still some dead trees that need to be removed before the floor can be built on a safe spot.

With five volunteers that have been very consistent in the yurt building process and putting in from a couple hours a day up to six hours a day, we now have ten additional yurts that are nearly complete and ready to send out. The floor locations are what has been slow to secure. Many areas within the Camp Fire are still closed and may take some time before dislocated residents will be able to return and occupy their land.

After my first look at some of the burn area and knowing the extent of the cleanup that will be taking place a few things have become clear. There will be plenty of logs and locations to mill and setup for yurt building on a larger scale. Timing for people to have a spot to place a yurt will be an ongoing task that is just now beginning to start. For many it will take time to assess the damage and cleanup process before moving forward.

One yurt has been reserved for a veteran family that has not yet been able to return but are excited to have a yurt available for them. Everyone has some logistical hardships to hurdle before putting up a yurt and moving back on their land. Securing locations is slow but moving forward.

We have established momentum with a core group giving us the abilities to build upon the size and reach of this project. Again, I would like to thank all those with boots on the ground; Corina for hosting us, Eric and Curtis who are now moving back onto their land and Manny, Mike, Lester, Benny, Bob and Etrena. Kip from Sonora has donated and delivered floor materials for two yurts (not including plywood) and helped for three days building yurts and a floor. There are plenty of untold others who have put forth much effort to help bring this together that deserve recognition, The Vietnam Veterans of America from many chapters and the Disabled American Veterans – Chico Chapter 125 are just a few organizations that have boots on the ground here and across the nation. There are many more, all who have supported and sponsored this effort. Thank you to everyone.

Getting the word out has been slow, however there will be another local media news release highlighting this project and I am certain interest and participation will increase. There have been many inquiries by people in need and some commitments from volunteers to help, but only a small percentage of them have followed through with actions.

Moving forward I plan to focus on getting all ten yurts with floors and composting toilets located and built as soon as conditions allow. This can be easily accomplished if the goal of $20,000. is reached, that would cover all materials.

I plan to set up my sawmill after the first of the year and expand on teaching more folks how to build yurts. I believe the timing will coincide with people having the ability to get back onto their land and learning about what we are doing and how this may give them the opportunity to help recover from this horrific loss.

As it stands right now one yurt with a floor has been placed, the second to be finished ASAP. Additional yurts are ready to be placed right away as recipients are able and plans to expand are in place. It will be the first of January before I return, and floors will be the first thing on the list. Securing a mill site will follow and expand from there.

I will post a photo slideshow as I am able.

Thank You Lord

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