Displaced Camp Fire victims are finding it nearly impossible to find housing. Most temporary shelters have closed after the Camp Fire leaving many without a safe place to stay and limited options. The Camp Fire Yurt Project will be here for those who are still in need. We are refining the system that has been established in early December. We are encouraging those who are willing and able to help themselves to get involved. Hands on participation gives everyone a chance to create their own emergency shelter and move forward in the recovery process with pride and dignity.

We are offering several opportunities to help with temporary emergency housing for yourself or to help others. A yurt can be placed on a floor if property owners have a safe place at least 100 feet away from any toxic burn site. We also have preliminary approval from the County to place ten yurts along with a bath house at a location in Magalia that was not burnt by the Camp Fire. The first of these has already been placed and we are ready to move forward. Learn more about the Yurt Workshop at this page.

Up to this point the project has been staging all donations, materials and the yurt workshops in the Chico area and at locations where we set up yurts with floors. We are now establishing and setting up operations in Migalia and Concow. Please contact us if you can help in any way or need help yourself.

So far we have purchased materials for twelve yurts and six composting toilets. We also have on hand other donated items like generators, food, clothing, bedding and many other personal items for those who lost everything. We have the ability to set up many turn key shelters with your help.

We are gifting some participants complete yurt packages sponsored by donations of cash, donations of materials and volunteers who just want to lend a hand up. Participation in this multi-faceted process is encouraged and requested if you are able.

We have started this project with donations and now we need continuing financial support to keep moving forward and help those who have run out of options and found no help from FEMA. Please help us to help others with a donation. We are looking for cash donations, materials, volunteers and locations with logs/trees to set up a sawmill site and a yurt workshop. Your help will have a positive impact for many people if we can keep this project going.

Please donate now or contact us with your input. Thank You.

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