How do I get started? First fill out this Request Form. Then register for the yurt workshop. We will send out an email before each workshop detailing the current projects for the week.

How do I get a yurt? Come to the yurt workshop to learn and participate in building and assembling yurt components. Take home yurt components as we make them until you have everything necessary for a complete yurt. When you have your location ready and all the materials we will schedule a yurt raising day. The yurt raising will be a one day project where we build the floor and set up your yurt.

Whats the difference between a component list and a materials list? A materials list contains the raw materials that are needed to build the different components of a yurt. Yurt components are rafters, hub, door, canvas, ect.

Where do I find a materials and components list?

When is the next Yurt Workshop? Please see the event Event Calendar on the Yurt Workshop page where you can see workshop dates register for the next workshop.