After losing my home and so much more in the Camp Fire, I attended a yurt workshop out of curiosity and quickly joined the team building yurts for people who still had less than I. Living in an RV is better than in a tent or in my vehicle, so I consider myself blessed. I kept coming to the workshops until I had accumulated most of the parts I needed; everyone else attending already had theirs. My husband and I built our floor, the requirement to have the team come and have a “yurt raising”. And the following workshop, strictly intended for helping others get their yurts move-in ready, ours was put up in one day. Since, we have added stability and insulation. We already have some donated furniture and are looking for more as well as a propane heater to make it comfortable.
This workshop got me more involved in my community and I was confident enough to help on a cob shed for one survivor, and assist on a tiny home that was donated to another survivor. Before the workshop, I could use power tools, but had not used them often enough to gain any kind of skill with them, now I can drive a 3″ screw without it wobbling away from me. Thank you Ron Trout, and all those who have supported his efforts. This man gives of himself to help others do for themselves. There are plenty of people donating items, this man donates his time, skills and purchased items that come together to create not only shelter but the ability for us to work together to help others when he is gone.
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